Since 2006 Annette has road-tripped the planet solo, spoken to its people, lived in their homes, listened to their concerns and delights, looking for the answers to;

How we think, what we think, and why we think what we think.

Focusing on the most important topics of our age

Energy, Environment, Economy, Evolution, Equality, and Education.

In her books, presentations, artworks, and participation pieces, Annette approaches these topics from a unique global perspective, using hilarious or deeply insightful anecdotes from around the world, she delves deep into our history and evolution to shed light on why we think and act as we do.


The service is personal, the prints are bespoke, all art is original. The selection on display is a fraction of that which is available. Please open communications via the contact link, so that we may discuss your art requirements.
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“Searching for Galileo is brilliant. It is an inclusive and thought-provoking approach to understanding how the world works and how we can improve our current state of affairs. Annette’s passion for this is able to spark passion in others. Here we have a great example of someone who isn’t scared of doing good work that will one day elevate us as a species.”-Alistair Campbell



The art is in the thought process, the application of paint, pencil, or light, is craft. The medium I use is determined by the mental problem I wish to solve and communicate.

“Dear Annette—I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your visit  to Cleveland […]We need more of you folks in the middle: the artist who understands the brain, and the neuroscientist who understands art.
Thank you again for your visit, your energy, and your courage.
Very truly,    Jim Zull; Professor of Biology, Biochemistry, and Cognitive Science – CWRU”


Mental Coach

“The infinite universe of the mind is the new horizon, the uncharted sea of possibility that will beckon the explorers of tomorrow. Adventurers who will slip gently into the deep abyss that is the mind-field, returning with tales of wondrous places, new realities, and we will not believe them until we learn to go there too.” ––Searching for Galileo



“Adventure, excitement, enthusiasm, amazement and then downright envy.
All these words and phrases describe my reactions to Annette Jahnel’s fascinating presentation.
She is a dynamic and delightful presenter who challenges each of us to examine our own goals and dreams.” Donna Genet – Past President, Rotary Club of Miami


Global citizen

‘It is the in between places, places between cities and tourist hot-spots where few decide to stop, in these places I discovered the place I most like to visit, again and again. That place is the vast universe of creation and possibility that exists in our mind.” My Year of Beds

During the year in which I drove solo once around the world; the participation piece ‘One Planet One People’ was conceived as a project to provide a connecting thread for my travels. Men, above the age of 35, were asked to write a wish for the world on my vehicle. A simple question but how do you say that in Uzbek, Russian or Chinese? A creative challenge in communications. The piece became a powerful statement of international goodwill as it became clear that all around the world, men want to live in peace and harmony. 


All content on this site is original

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