To Think

To think is not an easy pastime or a pastime without risk and danger.
To think is  to try to find unique  thoughts that are informed by each persons own experiences and areas of knowledge.
To think is to try to set aside emotional bias or beliefs that are founded in childhood memories.
To think is not to be politically correct but to start from a mutual understanding that opinions will differ and not one will ever be proven to be 100% correct.
Thinking cannot always be sweetly polite as opinions need to be tested rigorously and without fear of stepping on somebody’s toes.
To question is not to judge, but to try to expand understanding
To disagree is also not to judge, but merely to disagree.

A thinker, who allows their brain to wonder as it will,  allows it to make new and surprising connections, confirming with each bit of new knowledge, not that he/she is closer to knowing everything, but a small step further away.

In thinking you do not close or complete knowledge, but open doors to ever wider horizons.

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