Which comes first love or trust?

Trust, love can only grow in an environment of trust. If there is even the smallest doubt in any relationship, love will never grow to its fullest potential.

This makes me think that until we trust and love ourselves completely we will not have the means to love and trust another completely. We are therefore the masters of our destiny as in order to love ourselves, we must strive to be that person we want to love. Until we trust and love ourselves we will be ruled by doubt, with doubt comes fear, with fear concealment.

Fear and love are linked, we are so fearful to be vulnerable that we don’t confess to love, but if we don’t confess to love how can the beloved know that they are truly loved? To love and to be loved is first and foremost trust and only the fearless can allow themselves to trust completely.

By stepping through our fear we learn to love that which we are, without fear our ego is no longer an issue. Fear is our biggest enemy. The absence of fear opens the doors to our happiness, our lives, our freedom, ourselves. Fear can only be conquered by independent thought.

The fearless know their mind, will trust until proven wrong and if so, will walk away without judgement. The fearless will step from the path, put out a helping hand and not allow themselves to be swayed by the crowd. When you are fearless you do no harm, there is no need, the fearless spread their calm and make others fearless too. Without fear there is no need for violence. Without fear there is no jealously, the fearless do not fear loss or betrayal, without fear there is no loneliness, the fearless stand in the middle of their lives and embrace their silence and solitude and open the possibilities of this vast calm universe to all who come into contact with them.

Fear is what shackles and binds us; it puts weights on our feet and closes our minds to the endless possibilities.

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