you we i

In the room with the

wolf wallpaper (sorry tom)

the moon rose between

the cracks in the floor

there was no door no window

and in the moonshine no floor

That with no name rolled in a sleep

casting shadows deep

one two and four

no more

In a moment of missing time

a reality grew from trees

that sheltered golden bees

they swarmed

into the sky a cloud black and grey

creating night in the middle of the day

But that with no name remained the same

From the trees fell monkeys to the floor

they demanded more

reality neutrality brutality

from their fallen seeds

weeds like names


threw their lasso

around the nameless drew it in to

tie it down to

names time and remembrance



a dance of you and I

who are you

why am I

are we

but a small drop

in the sea of possibility

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