Anguish and dispair

Theirs was a union complete, they were lovers still decades after they met. She was his lilting Madonna, her long raven hair now shot with grey but her manner still as softly gentle as a warm spring breeze. He loved her… he loved her… he loved her and she loved him and their love touched all around them.

He stood in an infinite silence… the world rushed away as he stared down at the beloved body, broken and bleeding. The world cracked opened and he shattered, he shattered into a million small pieces, one for each second of his life. Those million moments filled with joy and love disintegrated, vanished into the receding hush. Fragmented he became a jigsaw man with pieces everywhere missing his sorrow and disbelief clutched at the remains but could find no hold there , he fell to the floor, a small pile of pieces.

He raged raged howled at the moon beat at the bark of the trees he sank into the abyss his mind numb empty as she lay broken bleeding on the floor of their sanctuary he was left with no direction no notion of what to feel or where to turn a confusion so great he wanted to rip the heart from his chest. To run against the wall to grab her to his chest to shake her come back come back where did you go where did you go I want to come too I don’t want to stay here without you please I want to come too.

Anger and rage grew to fill those empty spaces. The beast that stole into their home that sunshine afternoon, murdered not one life in that evil moment but two.

I weep for this man, a friend , who must continue to live even as his life has been ripped from him.

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