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  1. Annette was aspeaker at Rotary Mt Edgecombe (near Durban). I bought the book because I was intrigued by this gutsy women who was often hilarious in her self deprecating style. I needed details to fill in the gaps which her interesting talk touched on. Annette did not have enough time to provide the elaboration I expect to enjoy from reading the book.


  2. When I heard Anette Jahnels most fascinating and inspiring talk about her trip to China and around the world, at a Rotary Meeting in Durban, I had to get and read her book “My Year of beds”.
    I found it to be a wonderfully fascinating book, so well written that I really seemed to travel with this courageous author and only came to realize, that I was fortunately sitting at home in comfort, when situations became a bit tight.The various countries and their people are described so well and accurately,as well as the beauty of nature .As I personally know some of the countries she went through I can vouch for its accuracy. An honest opinion in so many ways makes it a most valuable book for me.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the book .
    Heike Gröger


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