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  1. Annette gave a slide show and talk at our local Country Club. Every member of the audience was absolutely spell bound from the moment she started her talk. Her stories where wonderful to listen to as Annette really has that privileged knack that only a great story teller has. She really kept us entertained. Men and women alike listened to her wonderful adventures experienced in her travels around the world and at the end of the talk we all stayed on to ask her many questions. I would really recommend that everyone should listen to her talk. I am really looking forward to reading her book.

    Mark Hathorn – Mtunzini Country Club President


  2. Annette gave an entertaining presentation to our club on her ‘Year of Beds’. She introduced us to countries we had never heard of. She is a natural storey teller and keeps you entralled for the entire presentation. She has a confident way of interacting with her audience, you almost feel as if it is a one to one conversation. Annette is witty, eloquent, charming , courageous and self deprecating. She sold many books and the feed back has been fasinating, I found it an enjoyable read with so much interesting detail and a bit scary. I highly recommend Annette’s presentation


  3. Annette gave a scintillating account of her travels round the world when she visited our club.Her skills as a raconteur,photographer and solo extreme traveller are impressive and her presentation is spellbinding.Originality,passion,veracity and humour are hallmarks of her take on life and her book reflects these characteristics.Thanks Annette


  4. Talk To The Rotary Club of Hounslow

    Our Speaker on August 6th was the Author Annette Jahnel, who enthralled her audience of Hounslow Rotarians and some lady members of Hounslow Inner Wheel Club, with her tale of driving around the world in a very small car which she converted into a camper van.

    In fact she arrived in it at the Master Robert Hotel in Hounslow in order to give her fascinating talk.

    Her talk was illustrated by very high quality photographs which she had taken.

    Annette has produced an extremely interesting book on her journey, which was on sale at £20.00.

    It is fair to say that this talk was definitely one of the highlights of our year..


  5. Dear Annette

    I thoroughly enjoyed your talk which was very well received by the Rotary Club of Uxbridge. I had a large number of positive comments from the members afterwards.

    As you may recall, we had a visiting President of another club, Elthorne-Hillingdon, who also meet in Uxbridge, with us for your talk. I met her at an area meeting subsequently and she was singing your praises to the representatives of other clubs, who expressed an interest in you giving your talk to them.

    Kind regards



  6. Hi Annette

    It was a pleasure to meet you today. Your story is certainly inspiring and the way you tell it is very captivating.
    In my line of work I meet many women in their mid-late careers who are at a crossroads in their lives who want to make changes but are scared, I will certainly be telling them your story.

    Keep on spreading your story!


    Carol Stewart
    Abounding Solutions


  7. Reactions to Presentation

    Adventure, excitement, enthusiasm, amazement and then downright envy.
    All these words and phrases describe my reactions to Annette Jahnel’s fascinating presentation about her 2006 solo driving trip around the world. In “My Year of Beds”, Annette’s book about her trip, she enables us to experience some of her extraordinary adventures in which she visited 25 countries, 3 continents and slept in an approximate 164 beds.
    Adjusting to myriad languages, cultural complexities, and horrendous road conditions, she forges on with her wild and crazy road trip.
    She is a dynamic and delightful presenter who challenges each of us to examine our own goals and dreams.

    Donna Genet
    Past President, Rotary Club of Miami .


  8. Annette, thank you so very much for sharing your stories with the Homestead Rotary Club today. We can usually judge the success of a presentation by the number of questions asked, before everyone returns to their urgent workloads. By any standard, your talk was a success. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing of your adventures and cannot wait to read your book. Please consider Homestead Rotary a friend and keep us informed of your travels. You are welcome to return any time. Larry Diehl, Secretary, Homestead Rotary Club


  9. Thank you very much Annette Jahnel for a different experience at a Rotary meeting. This was one those special meetings that make attending Rotary special. Good luck Annette in your travels through the U.S. and you are forever our friend.


  10. Annette –
    On behalf of President Shane and all the members of The Rotary Club of Fort Lauderdale North Beach I want to thank you for taking your time to be our Guest Speaker last Thursday.
    Your presentation was wonderful! As you were speaking I looked at our club members and could see that everyone was very attentive and I heard many positive comments after the meeting.
    I am reading your book and thoroughly enjoying it. I look forward to seeing more of your photos on your website.
    Thanks again for visiting us. It was a pleasure meeting you and I wish you all good luck. I’ve attached our newsletter from your visit.
    Sheila Morris, Secretary
    The Rotary Club of Fort Lauderdale North Beach


  11. As I expressed to you today, after your presentation at the Poinciana Rotary Club, I was very impressed by your speech and your photographs. Your reflections about your marvelous trip around the globe was riveting. However, your method of recalling the experiences in each of the countries your traveled through, made one feel as if they traveled with you.

    What made your experiences more special was that you did it by yourself (a female), in many countries that do not consider that an appropriate act by one of your gender. The frightening aspect of your trip was that it was done over a years time, and that you traveled over 50,000 miles in that car, was truly amazing.

    Thank you again for a very enjoyable morning and if I hear of any organization that needs an interesting speaker I will certainly give them your contact information. I also will await my reaction to your book (which I am sure will be very positive) which I will begin reading soon.-Bob Bornstein


  12. Dear Annette,

    I very much enjoyed your talk at our Rotary club. I have been involved with RYLA, Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly, which brings in 100 high school age kids to teach them leadership skills once a year. I certainly think your talk would be of great benefit to these school age children. I would recommend it to anyone.

    All the best,



  13. Your talk at the Rotary Club of Newlands was dynamic and extremely well presented, done with excellent humour, great photographs and evocative rhetoric. Your books were quickly bought up by the members, and I have just finished reading my copy. What a GREAT book – I soaked it in at many levels. My commendations to you. Thank you for both an excellent Rotary talk (a highlight) and a terrific read. Recommend both to all. Corinne


  14. Annette,

    Thank you again for the wonderful presentation! I have already received tons of positive feedback from the other club members. I am looking forward to reading the book … D Henion ; Boy Scouts of America


  15. Thank you Annette, we all really enjoyed your presentation! I admire your strength, curiosity and spirit of adventure! I have many of those same traits. They call me MacGyver at work. I’ve actually been asked to be a team mate for the reality show, The Great Race. Once I have read your book, maybe I’ll jump into the challenge with both feet and the heart to get through it.

    Take care and best wishes on your next journey,



  16. Annette, thank you so much for your program this week at Rich-Mar Rotary. I have to say it was one of the best programs in my 25 years of weekly Rotary meetings. You presentation was interesting and thought provoking and your delivery was clear, funny and energetic. It was a pleasure to have met you and best wishes on your continued geographical and philosophical journey.


  17. Annette,

    I wanted to thank you again for visiting our club recently and what was to me an excellent presentation. I am sometimes skeptical as to how well various speakers will be received by our Rotary Club and as I mentioned to you afterwards, yours was one I was real sure about. You however hit a “homerun” and really had the members captivated. I had one member tell me that you were the best speaker we have ever had and several others were highly complementary.

    I wanted to share this message with you so that you know how much we enjoyed your visit and that you should feel free to share our thoughts with other Rotary Clubs as you are planning your trip across the country.

    Good luck and God bless you on your trip!

    Tom Boder
    Program Chair
    Rotary Club of Reynoldsburg / Pickerington


  18. Good Morning Annette,

    It is I that should be thanking you for the outstanding presentation for the seniors of the OPC! I have heard rave reviews of yesterday! The last part of your presentation that I was able to experience was excellent! I applaud you for your mission in life! Please know that you have made many friends here in the greater Rochester area and we will welcome you back any time you might be in this region of the country! I can’t wait to crack open your book and immerse myself in the journey!

    Warmest regards,



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