Commissioning art

Since the caveman days, humans have decorated their walls with art that has deep significance to their lives and circumstances. This desire to make permanent ,that which we are and that which we think, is undiminished today.

While buying a ready made piece of art could satisfy this need, to express ourselves in our homes, it cannot compete with the satisfaction gained from a commissioned work. When commissioning an artwork, the patron takes part in the creative process, from deciding such basics as size and final position of the work in the home, to a colour scheme style and subject matter.

This involvement with the creative process makes the final piece very personal and much more significant than one bought in a gallery.

But with the mysterious hype around art, commissioning art is often thought of as a very exotic thing to do. It isn’t, well no more that commissioning someone to make you a bespoke evening dress or a handmade suit. The advantage of commissioning an artwork is , if you do your homework, you will never grow out of it. And it may well turn into an investment; although that is the last reason you should commission or buy art. Art should be bought to enhance the mind, not the bank balance.

This excellent and detailed article  covers nearly every aspect of commissioning an artist. With the proviso that it deals mainly with artists who draw characters, this distinction needs to be made, as in the case of an abstract work, asking for a sketch would be impractical, but asking for small painting that reflects the artists’ colour choice and simplified design, would not be.

My current inspiration is the desert, far horizons and vast open spaces. From my last road trip through the Karoo, Namibia and Botswana in Southern Africa I am armed with sun bleached skeletons, pieces of rusted oil rig and images in my head of bone white salt flats, which all need to be turned into paintings of grand scale.

This slideshow shows the landscapes that currently inspire me. Perhaps one of these images will be an inspiration to you too, if so, contact me so that we can make it real together.

See samples of older works inspired by the Karakum desert in Kazakhstan and Namaqualand in South Africa.



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