Searching for Galileo

“Some 400 years ago, the light of an ancient star touched Earth for the very first time. Changing what was believed to be a perfectly created, forever static universe. Watching from below, Galileo began to think unthinkable thoughts. Could everything society held as absolute truth, be wrong?

By asking the right questions, Galileo’s awareness, willingness to change, and technology converged – to shift the thinking of all of  humanity – and he launched the scientific revolution that brought us to where we are today.

I believe that today we are standing at the edge of similar shift in thinking. A shift that will change us in unimaginable ways…”

Many millions in the world are talking about how we can, and should, change to alternative energy  sources, alternative lifestyles. But alternative anything starts with alternative thinking. These alternative thinkers are the people who will form the links in the chain of my next grand adventure.

Searching for Galileo will officially start in April 2014 and  it will  investigate people who  think of six impossible things before breakfast. People who are asking; could everything society holds as absolute truth, be wrong?

If all this  gives you a queasy sense of unease, you are in good company,  I feel  the same . But I am keeping an open mind, as our history is littered with examples of new sciences being rejected by the status quo, for decades, if not centuries , only to eventually be proven correct.

There are ten times as many people on the planet today as in the time of Galileo. There should be at least ten Galileo’s Join me, help me find them; I am as excited to meet you, or any of your friends, who are moving ‘off the grid’, or perhaps moving right ‘off the charts’.

Join the adventure, join the search trip, invite me to speak at your next function , or perhaps we can arrange a fundraising event that will benefit us both.

The adventure has begun, it is time to walk the talk. Come with me as I ‘Search for Galileo.’

“Annette has that privileged knack that only a great story-teller has. I would really recommend that everyone should listen to her talk.”

                                                                                  Mark Hathorn

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  1. As you near the end of your journey North to Prudhoe Bay you have to travel up the Elliott Highway North of Fairbanks to connect with the Dalton Highway. If you stop at 51.3 mile of that Elliott you would meet Ms Rosalyn Stowell and her Daughter who live off grid, no phone, TV running water etc. She is a former Alaskan miner, hunting guide and taxidermist who now spends most of her time writing and preserving food for her pantry. Stop by and say high. …Oh this is not selfless name is Pete I helped build from scratch the five homes and buildings on her 80 acres of wilderness…so she offered me a place to live and I have been here since 2001, and I just think she is an interesting person.


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