Sunrise is the most optimistic time of day

DSC_4555-web“Sunrise is the most optimistic time of day. ” I wrote in my blog years ago, one early morning in the Karakum desert of Kazakhstan.

What then if the full moon sets at sunrise? If the moon sets right in your path , floating always just ahead as you barrel down Interstate 64, on your way to give a breakfast talk. What if the moon is floating on a wisp of morning fog, framed by the dark V of tall trees that hem the highway. What if behind you the unseen sun paints a thin blue line across the sky ahead, and the sunrise mirrors itself in the slow setting moon ?

Then surely this must a most momentous morning indeed, not so?

I believe so .

This is a time of realignment, of heightened awareness and of a multidimensional balancing act. Between the possible, the whimsical, the practical and the unimaginable… and so, recklessly balancing new thoughts upon old, I drive once again into adventure.

Join me…

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