Beginnings, middles and ends

‘A story must have a beginning, a middle and an end.’ Whoever wrote that had NO idea!

Or maybe he did have an idea…about telling stories, but not much about life, which is where most stories come from.

We make up the beginnings and decide on the middle and end in retrospect. Each point defined by what we think will give our story the most impact, give the best impression or sway opinions to suit our needs.

But life is not that neat.

Well mine isn’t…I stumble from calamity to calamity, towards a vague mirage that is my goal, forever floating on the far horizon. In struggling to get from here to the forever out of reach there, I build the knowledge that one day I will sift through, with the luxury of hindsight and hopefully dollops of creamy time, to build books with neat beginnings, middles and ends.

But today, right here, right now I stand ( actually  bounce on my Pilates ball) faced with choices and decisions that will lead to actions whose outcome I can only hope at.

All choices start with a question; what if?

This morning, this Sunday 23 March 2014, as I read the first email of the day, I feel that choices I made so very long ago, resulting in actions which led to this new quest for knowledge, have gain renewed momentum.

My goal remains the tearing down of mental comfort zones, comfort zones that my mind constructs with such zeal that were it put to building comfortable housing, there would not be one homeless person on the planet.

I tear down comfort zones because they stifle growth.

You can grow wealth but not much wisdom or knowledge in a comfort zones . You can grow opinions, but not empathy in a comfort zone. You can become competent and clever, and yet lose compassion in a comfort zone. A  mental comfort zone is comfortable slow stagnation. A slow shrinking of the mind and personal universe. Comfort zones impede, hinder, stifle, wrap a damp towel over the evolution of our minds.

To help me tear down those comfort zones I am asking radical thinkers of the world to share their burning questions with me,

This mornings first email from Dr Noel Boaz, a man spends his time thinking about evolution, delivered just such a question….my immediate response?  HUH? What the hell kind of question is that? Followed by a welling of internal laughter, as my brain rises joyfully to another challenge, one that just a few seconds ago it didn’t even know was a challenge. Then my mind starts to chew over this mornings question with all the pleasure of dog gnawing on a juicy bone

These questions, my informal talks with the people who pose them, and the challenges they raise, I will share with you in the course of this journey.

Join me ; Subscribe , spread the word. I need your help to point me to the right questions.

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