The pre-adventure side-step shuffle.


It is a bit of a ‘one step forward three steps back ‘ as I frantically try to prepare for the big haul North.

Between giving talks on an almost daily basis. Arranging speaking engagements months in advance, across thousands of miles(I was in touch with the good folk of Anchorage Alaska today). I am chewing my nails over visas that do not get updated in time, book deliveries that always seem to appear ‘just in time’ and the simply vast distances I plan to cover as I journey north and south across the Americas.  I make furtive lists of all the gear which I need, but still have not acquired….do you have any camping gear that is just gathering dust?  I could put it to good use…

In all of this I try to take the odd photograph, write a few lighthearted words in the blog. Then I set my brain the task of grappling with an increasing number of ‘what if ‘ scenarios and the interviews that arise from them. From literacy to love,  from evolution of the body to the devolution of the economy.

I am going to be soooo clever when this quest for knowledge is done OR my brain might simply explode like that of Cate Blancette in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

This is a very complicated adventure!


No Really…..Help!

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