The earth moved


T’was weird. I was sleeping 12 floors above San Francisco terra-firma when I was shaken awake . A slow motion very big, not human, shaken. My system flooded with adrenaline until it tingled. I turned on the light and watched solid walls wobble. This is not the place you want to experience the earth-shaking. I could not get back to sleep, my physic was deeply disturbed. I looked over my possessions and made decisions on what to take if I should need to evacuate. Then I tried to sleep, but my mind was on high alert, in anticipation of another shock. Slowly my mind slid from the height of my building perch deep, deep into the earth and formed a small idea of how powerful the forces are that can shake the earth. I recognized you cannot be ready for every eventuality , you can do so much and then you need to give yourself over to the fact the planet is big, we are small and we are the ones who must adapt to survive.

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