A Black widow called Fat Mama

I discovered recently  that there are people out there who develop warm and tender relationships with their Black Widows. Feeding them juicy crickets and  valiantly saving them from the dissection knife; proving that the human brain is so plastic it can learn to love just about anything. DSC_5340-w

This I learn as I make my way through the laboratory of the spider man.  Dr Craig Vierra of the Pacific University in Stockton is passionate about his creepy charges They effortlessly produce fibers stronger than steel  and Dr Vierra is on a mission to find out just how they do it.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qbf8ueDgLsc


My first thoughts as I leave the spider filled lab is that plastic is on its way down and out, and that spiders are on their way up the social totem pole.  Soon, squashing a spider will be taboo.



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