Let the writing begin


My physical journey, talk touring my way once around the USA , was demanding. At times my exhaustion was monstrous, both physically and mentally. No energy remained for me to attempt to also keep a running blog of my day to day adventures, let alone do justice to the many fascinating conversations I had. But, these adventures and conversations have all been preserved in digital  audio and image files.

I am slowly settling in South Africa and am allowing the writing muse to  win me over. When it does I will post short asides from the book  here.

I am looking forward to revisiting all the  conversations and adventures; to draw from them a rich tapestry of sights and sounds into which I will weave new thoughts and ideas, inspired by the many, many wonderfully intelligent and insightful people I had the great pleasure of sharing time and thoughts with during my ‘Search for Galileo’.

The structure of the book is taking shape in my mind. The grand themes and sub themes are being stretched onto the loom of my imagination, soon the details will build into an intricate pattern of new ideas  that  I hope will result in a splendidly original whole.

Doesn’t every creative endeavor have that as its goal? Courage, dear girl, courage…

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