Talk touring Tennessee

Random thoughts from 18 February 2014

Talk touring Tennessee.

Route-435-Tennessee. 18 February 2104

There does seem to be some sort of stigma against being poor here. But, increasingly as I look and see how people get rich today and what they are rewarded for, it makes me wonder if being ‘filthy’ rich isn’t the embarrassment. Modest wealth has always come to those who do work hard and honorably, but obscene wealth is not more of a good thing.

One could follow this train of thought and say that in order to get really wealthy, or as the culture of the really wealthy floods down the economic pipeline, everyone increasingly has to set aside their humanity, just to put bread on the table. Then the rich complain that the poor steal…

I wonder what the world would be like if it were a social embarrassment to be rich beyond a certain point. I wonder how that world could even being to work.

But I do think that when we start asking questions to which we cannot begin to imagine an answer, then we are starting to ask the right questions.

Baboons stroll down my street – Hermanus- South Africa. February 2015

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