Lebanon Tennessee

24 February 2014

12H00 talk today in Lebanon Tennessee.  At Pats Cuntry (sic) diner.


The snow has thawed, making the driving conditions more or less tolerable. This has not made a positive impression on THE CAR, which is having greater and greater difficulty getting over the mountains. On every small incline it coughs and splutters, no matter how gently I nurse it, it will go no faster than 20m/h – to the immense annoyance of the trucks that bear down on me with no thought to slow down.  As I turn off the I81  – THE CAR loses its last bit of power, I am obliged to pull to the emergency lane. The clock says 11h00,  time is running out,  between  Lebanon and I lie the Blue Ridge mountains, how THE CAR will get me over that hurdle, let alone once around the USA, remains to be seen.

Meanwhile in the present, living conditions are a little more comfortable.

Shopping at Canal Walk – Cape Town

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