6 March 2014

DSC_5922Once again, our travels take us deep into the foothills of southern Virginia. I really wanted to be much further north by now, but the weather keeps pushing me south. The scenery bespeaks my mood.


The speaking venue this morning is in Martinsville, in the Virginia Museum for Natural History. The town is tiny and unassuming, but the museum is a spectacular surprise. How on earth did this come to be?

After my talk, and the question and answer session, is done. I ask my usual question. “Can you recommend someone who might fit into the Galileo mold?” There is none of the usual humming and hawing in this audience, they have no hesitation. “Dr Boaz!” A visionary man with many achievements and credits to his name, and also the founder of this museum. This is a man I need to meet.

After much swapping of emails we finally decide on date. 11 April 2014 in the Hollywood Graveyard.

It will give me time to ponder his what if question

“What if you understood where all the parts and functions of your body came from? “
Huh? I am going to have to up my game. I don’t know how to even start thinking about this question. Heck, I didn’t  even know that there was such a question.


6 March 2015

Meanwhile back on the Southern tip of Africa, the fires have been brought under control and the sky is clear once more.


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