Martha Washington

26 March 2014  was a historic day.
It was the day I met Martha Washington…

Potomac River

Stepping into the Cedar Knoll Inn, overlooking the Potomac River, to set up for the evening’s talk, curiosity caused me to peer into the historic dining room. As my eyes skimmed over the dark wood and antiques, I noticed a twinkly little round lady having her dinner. Not wanting to intrude I retreated…but, play that again… what exactly did I just see?

Peeking into the dining room again, the twinkly little round lady looked up from under the frill of her lace bonnet. I thought that’s what I saw. This was not just any little round lady. This lady seemed to be a time traveller.  I have always wanted to travel through time. I needed to ask her a couple of questions.

“Excuse me, may I interrupt?”
“Certainly my dear.”
“Thank you, I am Annette Jahnel, here to do a presentation.”
“Pleased to meet you Annette, I am Martha Washington.”
“The Martha Washington?” I asked, a little nonplussed
“Indeed.” She said, with a twinkle in her eye.

Taking a delicate sip of wine, she looked at me inquiringly over the rim of her glass. I was at a loss for words. “What are you doing here?” Was all I could think of to ask.

“It was a very busy day at Mt. Vernon; sometimes I find all the guests quite overwhelming so I make a little escape to have a quiet dinner here.”

Just then, a young boy dressed in jeans, sneakers, and a hoodie came running in. “Mrs Washington?” he said breathlessly. Martha slid the wine glass under the table.
“Yes my dear?”
“Will you come tell us about your life with George Washington?”

She looked at me apologetically a little smile playing about her lips.
“I do apologise, I would have loved to continue our conversation, but I hate to keep the little ones waiting.”

She wafted gently from the room in a billow of powder perfume.

Now that was unexpected…

If you would like to visit George and Martha’s home, Mt Vernon, join this fun virtual tour.

Meanwhile back in South Africa in the present , we are once again experiencing power shedding. The power will be out for three hours, which means my computer will die, and I will have to find other ways to occupy my time.


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