On this day in 2014 I gave a talk in a small town called Powhatan. That is all I know…

Main road Powhatan

On this day in 2015 I am researching the evolution of the creative mind, and in doing so stumbled on the official Lascaux website. My Easter gift to you is an incredible interactive experience, which is probably the only way you will ever see the inside of the Lascaux caves ( I suggest you put it up on your biggest flat screen TV, get out a bottle of good red wine and be awed by the creativity of Homo Sapiens some 35 000 year ago). Technology is a wonderful thing when properly applied.

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  1. thank you..just talking about these and is it here where the caves have closed and “faux caves” created ingeniously next to the original…or is that yet another cave “art” site?


    1. The would be Chauvet Cave. The French learnt a hard lesson from Lascaux.The paintings are being destroyed by molds and fungi, introduced by all the visitors. Entry into the real Chauvet Cave is strictly controlled, only super scientists may enter, and only for very brief periods. So they laser scanned the original and constructed a faux cave next door. It just very recently opened.


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