What if parents had to be tested for parent readiness before having children?

While ‘Searching for Galileo I invited people to join me in mental jamming sessions, which revolved around ‘what if scenarios’ suggested by the people themselves.  I have decided to to put the audio files up, as I am not finding the time to transcribe them. They do make for interesting listening, almost like eavesdropping on what ordinary Americans think.

In North Carolina I had the only group session of the journey. We covered several ‘what if’s’ in one night. This podcast tiptoes around  what if parents had to be parent ready before having children.

I thought it was not a bad idea, others were not so sure.

But as the recording was not intended to be broadcast it is raw. I apologize for the quality, and I don’t suggest listing to it with headphones…  I will be putting up the other interviews as I have cleaned them up. Please follow  this series on my website.

2 thoughts on “What if parents had to be tested for parent readiness before having children?

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  1. This was an incredible experience to start out my morning. I’ll be thinking about this and other topics for days and weeks. Makes me want to start a discussion group for interested/interesting people. The act of discussion contributes to change. I realize that brainstorming and challenging conversations bring me joy as well as optimism. Look forward to more topics.


    1. Thanks Joey. Everybody who took part in the discussion ended the evening by saying how much they had enjoyed it. Focused thought sharing is the foundation of all proactive change. The only kind that will make the positive differences all humane beings want to see.


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