What if we all put – Service above Self?


After spending a delightful afternoon walking in the countryside around Charleston, spending time photographing this handsome fellow. I went to dinner where I participated in another What if Scenario.

Thinking outside of what is, is not easy. It sometime requires a sharp prod, or two, to loosen the grey matter. In an amiable dinner table discussion I challenged my kind hosts in North Carolina to try to rethink 9/11 in terms of service above self.

Sometimes felt I should apologize for my bluntness, but then, I was not on holiday in America, but there to try to tear open my mind, and that of those who took up my ‘What if’ challenge.

In my case it is slowly beginning to bear fruit, as my mind starts to find new and surprising connections as it sorts through the mountain of information it gathered in the course of my Search for Galileo.

I am also starting to post on You Tube…if you cannot beat them join them…I guess.

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