Richmond Virginia

This week, one year ago, was a one of quiet reflection and big decisions.

Deep Run Park Richmond VA

It was a small break from finding my way about strange cities, from negotiating other peoples rush hours, from giving talks at 07H30 and 12H00 almost every day for the past three weeks, from daily getting my head around new – What if – scenarios. It was time to recuperate and prepare myself and THE CAR for the long road north. I had to come to terms with the fact that I would be doing the journey alone, and without sponsorship. A scary thought, to have to finance this whole long trip just on book sales.

However would I manage?

To make the whole thing a little less daunting I make the hard decision to trim the trip down to only driving once around the USA.


Prudhoe Bay to Patagonia would have to wait.

Meanwhile – in the present on the Southern tip of Africa…

I continue to put together the outline of the book – Searching for Galileo – I feel an increasing urgency to share my insights immediately, as I watch the daily news unfold, not just here, but globally. To this end I have moved to the big city – Cape Town – for a month or two, as I put together a talk-tour aimed at high schools and young adults. As I expand my knowledge and world view I am becoming convinced that we are embroiled in an evolutionary crisis. We evolve in direct reaction to our environment,  our environment is of our making and increasingly chaotic. It is vital and urgent that we think to the future – with focus and discipline – in order that we begin to direct this environmental, and therefore evolutionary, chaos to a positive outcome.

Refinery Tableview Cape Town

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