On this 14th day of June 2014 I was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I ate well, plentiful, and often. The following thoughts, plucked from my Dictaphone…

Travelling in Pittsburgh my mind turns to how we use words, and how this directs our actions. In doing this I find myself in the very bizarre situation of giving dietary advice.

How we say things is very important.

You might say;  I have to lose weight, and so you stop eating, very soon your body revolts. It does not like to be starved, and so it works against your efforts by actively hoarding fat. Then, to add insult to injury, as soon as you start eating again, your body reacts by ensuring it is never again caught unprepared – for what it see as a life threatening starvation event  – and stores more fat.

This ancient survival tactic of the biological body is now at war with the modern ego. This leads to the yo-yo diet effect. To broker peace between these two, you need to change the words you use, and in so doing, change the actions you take.

Kielrogiereztel_slidersStart by forgetting about losing weight, and actively start thinking, and talking – out loud – so your ego hears you loud and clear, about gaining muscle. In doing this you actively change your mindset. In changing your mind you longer care about losing weight,  only about gaining muscles. Therefore, you start thinking about this issue differently.

As you start thinking about your muscles, you start using your body properly, you start walking up stairs. When you walk, you become aware of your legs, your butt, your back, your stomach. You start thinking of ways to gain muscle in what ever situation you find yourself.  In the office perhaps your start rising up on your toes, you start pinching your butt as you  talk on the phone. This low-level exercise keeps the blood flowing, slowly the muscle starts building, your metabolism becomes more efficient, and your whole system starts working in harmony to gain muscle. Your body happily exchanges its fat reserve for the muscle it is gaining. Your brain function is improving due to the extra blood flow light exercise and mindfulness.

All this, just by changing the words you use. Words are powerful they can change your world.

Meanwhile back in the present, on this 14th day of June 2015.

I have barely moved from my seat in front of my computer. As I attempt the heroic feat of living in three times zones simultaneously… as I write about my life as it happened one year ago , design talks planned for three months hence, and attempt to live my life in the NOW.

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