Purpose and commitment

Tolstoy once said that our purpose is to serve humanity.  After all my searching and tearing away the unnecessary fluff of my life, I have come to believe that our purpose is to improve humanity.

Living in the NOW

There are no humans more powerful than those that govern their own minds. As we each learn to master our mind, we will discover that all who govern their own minds have the common goal of global harmony. Thinking about living in the NOW First broadcast on Whale Coast Radio 96 fm 16 May 2016 Living in... Continue Reading →


On this 14th day of June 2014 I was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I ate well, plentiful, and often. The following thoughts, plucked from my Dictaphone... Travelling in Pittsburgh my mind turns to how we use words, and how this directs our actions. In doing this I find myself in the very bizarre situation of... Continue Reading →


On this day 23 May 2014... I was making my way to give a talk  in Washington D.C. I stop to photograph a billboard in front of the building that is my destination. It reads, Make no little plans. This immediately strikes me as a good idea, but only after my talk, as I stroll... Continue Reading →

Richmond Virginia

This week, one year ago, was a one of quiet reflection and big decisions. It was a small break from finding my way about strange cities, from negotiating other peoples rush hours, from giving talks at 07H30 and 12H00 almost every day for the past three weeks, from daily getting my head around new -... Continue Reading →

Boiling Spring

It was April 24th  2014 just outside Charlotte, in North Carolina, while taking a walk by a river - a never before heard voice in my head declared “You could be running.” “Are you kidding me? I don’t run, it’s not dignified!” my rational self replied. “You haven’t done any exercise for a long time, and... Continue Reading →

Christopher Newport University,

The week of 11-18 April was busy, both in 2014 and 2015 April 11th 2014, my 52nd birthday saw me up and about at 05h00 to be on-time and ready to give a 07h30 breakfast talk at the Christopher Newport University. This would the 62nd   time I had  given the same talk. Giving the talk... Continue Reading →

Virginia USA

On 5 April 2014 in Virginia USA - Spring had finally arrived to dress the trees in delicate pink and vivid green, and about time too... While on 5 April 2015 here on the southern tip of Africa - Autumn has come, bringing with it it dramatic bouquets of Proteas and rain. The cycle of life... Continue Reading →

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