On this day in 2014 I gave a talk in a small town called Powhatan. That is all I know... On this day in 2015 I am researching the evolution of the creative mind, and in doing so stumbled on the official Lascaux website. My Easter gift to you is an incredible interactive experience, which is... Continue Reading →

Martha Washington

26 March 2014  was a historic day. It was the day I met Martha Washington... Stepping into the Cedar Knoll Inn, overlooking the Potomac River, to set up for the evening’s talk, curiosity caused me to peer into the historic dining room. As my eyes skimmed over the dark wood and antiques, I noticed a twinkly little round... Continue Reading →

University of Virginia

20 March  2014 was a good day Rising before the sun, I set off to Nelson County in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. there I gave a talk about honor, kindness, tolerance and self-control , which inspired the audience members to introduce me to Kia Sher. Drawing strength from immense personal tragedy Kia... Continue Reading →


6 March 2014 Once again, our travels take us deep into the foothills of southern Virginia. I really wanted to be much further north by now, but the weather keeps pushing me south. The scenery bespeaks my mood. The speaking venue this morning is in Martinsville, in the Virginia Museum for Natural History. The town... Continue Reading →

McCormick’s farm

28 February 2014 After giving a lunchtime talk in Harrisonburg, I head south to Tazewell. As I have time off until tomorrow lunchtime the first, and most pressing action, is to get off the  I81.  An Interstate highway that roars a stinking, noisy river of trucks north and south, through the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.... Continue Reading →


25 February 2014 Roanoke will be forever etched in my memory, for all the wrong reasons. A persistent itch wakes me; it is not a mosquito, perhaps a flea? Checking the bedding brings no answer. I turn off the light, again the sting and itch. Something is biting me, right now, this instant! Resisting the urge... Continue Reading →

Lebanon Tennessee

24 February 2014 12H00 talk today in Lebanon Tennessee.  At Pats Cuntry (sic) diner. The snow has thawed, making the driving conditions more or less tolerable. This has not made a positive impression on THE CAR, which is having greater and greater difficulty getting over the mountains. On every small incline it coughs and splutters, no... Continue Reading →

Talk touring Tennessee

Random thoughts from 18 February 2014 Talk touring Tennessee. There does seem to be some sort of stigma against being poor here. But, increasingly as I look and see how people get rich today and what they are rewarded for, it makes me wonder if being ‘filthy’ rich isn't the embarrassment. Modest wealth has always... Continue Reading →

Reality check

Thoughts of the morning of February 15 2014. In the realm of thought, it really is a case of the tree doesn't fall until you witness it fall. In order for a thought  to be real to you, you have to think it. Nobody else can think it for you. Once you have thought a... Continue Reading →

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