What if we all became artists in our workplace?

One bright Summer morning, in the heart of Pennsylvania, I was looking forward to an early morning discussion about water conservation design - in renal dialysis machines. As I didn’t even know precisely what renal failure was,  that conversation was never going to fly. But gradually the conversation - listen to the podcast here- turned to... Continue Reading →

What if we really valued all our children?

Somewhere on the shores of Lake Norman(I forget where exactly) in North Carolina I once again am graciously hosted by a total stranger, as we get to grips with her sightly disturbing 'What If' scenario.  Was my mental jamming partner, a lifelong teacher,  suggesting we didn't really value our children, judging by the way we educated them?... Continue Reading →

What if we un-boxed education?

In a forested suburb -  just out of earshot of the thunder of jet engines above Virginia Beach - I tackle a What if scenario with Dr Michael and Kim Summer, two teachers who are passionate about their vocation. Listen to the podcast here. We try to imagine a world in which schools no longer box... Continue Reading →

In early May 2014 I was in a breakfast joint, high in the Blue Ridge Mountains, sipping a strong coffee, while trying to get my head around today's - What if scenario. I discover that the 'authentic self' is a concept not so far removed from my own premise that we should all act with... Continue Reading →

What if we could communicate without language?

Listen to the podcast here. I have attempted to find scholarly articles on the Minoan copper miners, and various other things referred to in this conversation. However, finding anything of true substance on the internet is becoming like an archaeological dig in its own right. As Minoans and copper are not part of my focus,... Continue Reading →

What if we all put – Service above Self?

After spending a delightful afternoon walking in the countryside around Charleston, spending time photographing this handsome fellow. I went to dinner where I participated in another What if Scenario. Thinking outside of what is, is not easy. It sometime requires a sharp prod, or two, to loosen the grey matter. In an amiable dinner table... Continue Reading →

A Black widow called Fat Mama

I discovered recently  that there are people out there who develop warm and tender relationships with their Black Widows. Feeding them juicy crickets and  valiantly saving them from the dissection knife; proving that the human brain is so plastic it can learn to love just about anything.  This I learn as I make my way... Continue Reading →

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