Living in the NOW

There are no humans more powerful than those that govern their own minds. As we each learn to master our mind, we will discover that all who govern their own minds have the common goal of global harmony. Thinking about living in the NOW First broadcast on Whale Coast Radio 96 fm 16 May 2016 Living in... Continue Reading →

Creating a small space in time

foot not all the paint landed on my feet, just some.It has been on my mind for weeks now; this painting of desert sand, mirages and far horizons. On a pristine white canvas I conjure the sky.  A sensuous process of dipping and sliding paint over paint, the brush glides effortlessly, blending and smoothing... Continue Reading →

What is your worth?

We as individuals are worth nothing and everything. In life the only thing you can be sure of is that, if you will wake up to tomorrow, you will be there. You can be sure of nothing else. But the only measure of your worth that others have, is your word. In this age of... Continue Reading →

Anguish and dispair

Theirs was a union complete, they were lovers still decades after they met. She was his lilting Madonna, her long raven hair now shot with grey but her manner still as softly gentle as a warm spring breeze. He loved her… he loved her… he loved her and she loved him and their love touched... Continue Reading →

Which comes first love or trust?

Trust, love can only grow in an environment of trust. If there is even the smallest doubt in any relationship, love will never grow to its fullest potential. This makes me think that until we trust and love ourselves completely we will not have the means to love and trust another completely. We are therefore... Continue Reading →

Happy needs sad

Philosophers through the ages have always maintained that emotions should be worked through then discarded, the passions of the mind and flesh controlled. I don’t think emotion should be disregarded, but balanced, like a good wine, a fine meal or a symphony, each emotion has its place. But due to media indoctrination, which always seems... Continue Reading →

Snake Story 1

For some reason I feel the insane, unstoppable urge to share snake stories and never one to ever try to control myself, here I go. It was all long, long time ago, when I decided to step into that mysterious realm of holy matrimony. The ceremony took place in Africa, where rough and rented roads... Continue Reading →

longing and desire

Commerce feeds on our dissatisfaction and through clever marketing we are constantly filled will longing and desire for something other than that which we are, have, where we are.Advertisers will have us believe that our longing and desire can be fulfilled if we just go out and buy this gadget or that dress. So we... Continue Reading →

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