To Think

To think is not an easy pastime or a pastime without risk and danger. To think is  to try to find unique  thoughts that are informed by each persons own experiences and areas of knowledge. To think is to try to set aside emotional bias or beliefs that are founded in childhood memories. To think... Continue Reading →

innocence and wisdom

Interesting that we always believe that children have the answer they are cute, cuddly, innocent but they don't have the answers. Just a few hours ago I wrote the following... I catch myself, now that I can understand the wishes, I am judging them. Life is a constant learning curve; there I was thinking I... Continue Reading →

The unbearable lightness of being

I enjoyed the film but never quite understood why the lightness of being was unbearable. I thought the male character was unbearably lightweight but I am not sure that this what the author meant by the title. Then, with an early morning storm that roared across the rooftops like a runaway train, I awoke to... Continue Reading →

You just don’t listen

All my life I have had men nailing down my ‘problem’ with the words ; ‘You know what your problem is? You just don’t listen’. My family, friends, lovers and husband and all said the same. So of course when everybody is telling you the same thing you must assume that there is some truth... Continue Reading →

A crime against humanity

After a month of getting my daily news from French public TV - as bad and as inward looking as anywhere on the planet; it seems to be the stated goal of the public broadcaster too keep the masses as ignorant as possible - I bought three international (German English and American) newspapers today to... Continue Reading →

Thinking matters

I think thinking is a highly underrated activity and the problem lies in the way we think. Currently the thing seems to be not to think. Endless lifestyle books on being in the ‘now’, in the ‘zone’ and Buddhist meditation books, all exhort you not to think but to be. To reside in the gap... Continue Reading →

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