To love a Baobab

I started my day in the relative cool of sunrise, then it got hot so fast that I had ice cream for breakfast. Before driving into a world of dust, heat and drought, where I spent the morning photographing live stock, dead of thirst and hunger, on the road side. Later, when the earth slowly... Continue Reading →

Durban Night

tonight out on the scene in Durban a city that is cultivated integrated where Africans Europeans Indian and Asian mix together its great we all eat from the same plates the African dream but we don't like our cuisine so we eat Italian linguine fromaggio cream pesto pasta and drink vino blanco not white while... Continue Reading →

Sensual Sunday

The world is beset by problems, we recognise them easily, and dwell perhaps too long there. Those that know about these things, say it is our survival instinct that hard-wires the human brain to bad news. So we keep building our prisons around us, as we think they make us safe. Perhaps, but our happiness... Continue Reading →

Sleeping beauty

rumours fly from the peaks of mount Bidean nam Bian from the high moors and the shores of lochs Tummel and Tay the human spirit but sleeps a deep silent slumber in a bed of lichen and lore his life not stolen by the raven to return nevermore He needs just a small kiss from... Continue Reading →

you we i

In the room with the wolf wallpaper (sorry tom) the moon rose between the cracks in the floor there was no door no window and in the moonshine no floor That with no name rolled in a sleep casting shadows deep one two and four no more In a moment of missing time a reality... Continue Reading →

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