Power houses

RDP Houses and Renewable energy (revised; first posted in October 2009) Empower the poor by making them farmers of energy. South Africa faces several large problems, amongst them housing; job creation; steady income for unskilled people; water and energy shortages. I believe that the RDP house can go a long way to addressing all these... Continue Reading →

Climate change is a question of scale

1200 km from the northern border of Kazakhstan with Russia - three days torturous drive across arid sands that stretch from curving horizon to curving horizon, past glaring white salt beds that once were water - you will find a dot of a town in the middle of the Kysylkum desert. The metal arch over... Continue Reading →

A French lunch

‘Coco will be taking you to lunch today’ Serge imparts this bit of information just as I pop the last bit of my midmorning coffee and croissant into my mouth, the French lunch starts at 12 or 12H30 . After three months in a country where I don’t understand the language I have become fairly... Continue Reading →

do no evil

Hear no evil see no evil ….does it follow that you are doing no evil? Google has a very snappy little slogan ‘do no evil’ ; I can just imagine a group of bright young things sipping their espressos at a slick table throwing ideas  around until finally ‘do no evil ‘ hits the shiny... Continue Reading →

The decline of art

The decline of art In the city of Rubens – Antwerp Belgium – the work of that great master abounds in churches, public buildings and in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts where, in a dedicated hall, his finest pieces overwhelm the vast space. When looking at these giant glowing works of masterful composition, painterly... Continue Reading →

A crime against humanity

After a month of getting my daily news from French public TV - as bad and as inward looking as anywhere on the planet; it seems to be the stated goal of the public broadcaster too keep the masses as ignorant as possible - I bought three international (German English and American) newspapers today to... Continue Reading →

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