The pre-adventure side-step shuffle.

It is a bit of a 'one step forward three steps back ' as I frantically try to prepare for the big haul North. Between giving talks on an almost daily basis. Arranging speaking engagements months in advance, across thousands of miles(I was in touch with the good folk of Anchorage Alaska today). I am chewing... Continue Reading →

Beginnings, middles and ends

‘A story must have a beginning, a middle and an end.’ Whoever wrote that had NO idea! Or maybe he did have an idea...about telling stories, but not much about life, which is where most stories come from. We make up the beginnings and decide on the middle and end in retrospect. Each point defined... Continue Reading →

Searching for Galileo

"Some 400 years ago, the light of an ancient star touched Earth for the very first time. Changing what was believed to be a perfectly created, forever static universe. Watching from below, Galileo began to think unthinkable thoughts. Could everything society held as absolute truth, be wrong? By asking the right questions, Galileo’s awareness, willingness to... Continue Reading →

Turkey – Istanbul

Haghia Sophia waits. Commissioned by Emperor Justinian in 532, she remained the most important church in Christendom for nearly 1 000 years and thereafter, with the arrival of the Turks, was declared a mosque.

Kazakhstan – Charyn Canyon

But unless I want to set up camp in the dark, I had better make an effort to find the Charyn Canyon. Then the canyon finds me; as the road winds through black rock cuttings that crowd out the light, they dramatically fall away as the mountain turns to canyon. The heat rises out of... Continue Reading →

China- Qufu

I set out to find the real Qufu, which doesn't take long. Just outside the ancient city wall, the beautifully paved roads, well-tended gardens, and up-market restaurants are replaced by squalid streets

USA – Colorado

Hunkering down in a motel in Mexican Hat, I make phone calls to the family in Milwaukee, and to 5W Nancy in Denver while keeping a horrified eye on the weather channel. Two massive snowstorms are sweeping across America from east and west, closing roads and airports in their wake. The American Christmas traffic, both... Continue Reading →

A slow walk through Venice

Over a lazy Sunday lunch in the heart of France, Angelo turned to me. 'Come stay in my apartment in Venice.' I raised a skeptical eyebrow. 'I won’t be there,'  he laughed, ‘You will have the place to yourself.' And so on Monday evening I found myself in the heart of Venice, and for 10... Continue Reading →

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