“The worst club in my bag is my brain.”Chris Perry

Peak mental performance coaching ensures that
your brain becomes your best club.

Cognitive function is, in the first instance, biology. Through mental training that works in harmony with the natural biological functions of the brain, you can strengthen your brain on a physical level. You learn to engage the appropriate cognitive functions at the appropriate time. This allows you to control your hormones/emotions and gain an objective oversight. With further mental coaching, you teach your brain to remain in the present moment. You build mental fitness to maintain focus and concentration. You gain mental flexibility and resilience as you build out your synaptic pathways this will help you:

Get your Brain in the Driver’s seat.

Intensive focused mental training to

Remain calm
Get into your groove
Stay in the flow
Maintain focus
Mental silence
Emotional equanimity
Clear visualization
Steely self-control
8 x 90 minutes workshops over four weeks.

Smoothing the emotions

Session 1
Defining the competition
Mental habits and comfort zones.
Session 2:
Assess your mental landscape
Emotional awareness and management
Session 3
Mental Game Fundamentals
Mindfulness and presence.

Eliminate the variables

Session 4
The Pre-Shot Routine
Sensory awareness.
Session 5
Post and between shot routine
Session 6
Pre-game routine
Focus and concentration.
Session 7
Are you Yoda yet?
Resilience and objectivity.
Session 8
Putting it all together

 “Track and field is tougher physically, but golf is tougher mentally.”Ashton Eaton




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