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Brain Gym
All change starts by training and toning the one body part that you probably never think about – your brain. This playlist is a brain gym consisting of short cognitive training exercises.

My Year of Beds
Have you ever wanted to break free and set off on a grand and wild quest? If you wanted to go, and didn’t…come with me now. On my solo drive once around the planet. Spanning city streets, country roads, mountain paths and desert trails – it covered nearly 50,000 miles; across three continents, and 25 countries.

Author reflections
Revisiting books is an interesting way to discover how you have grown mentally. When you are the author of that book, it brings the life lessons into very sharp focus. Join me as I slowly revisit My Year of Beds.

Matriarch Mind
‘The biggest flaw in attempting to learn from the past is that we habitually judge everything by our current thinking. We need to work on some serious paradigm shifting in our thinking about life, love, and everything. As we learn more about quantum physics this is proving to be reality. On a fundamental level of pure energy, we are all creating the reality in which we live; through the quality of our own energy input. It is therefore vital that we consciously create loving energy. When we achieve this, we discover a profound sense of wanting to grow and share this energy to enhance all things. This allows us to experience even higher human emotions such as profound trust, bliss, abandon, and selflessness.’

Future Perfect
Your brain does not like being out of control, it is constantly striving to make sense of the world in order that it can optimize its responses. We can help our brains by consciously taking control and optimizing behavior that improves our brain function and our health.

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