Animal portraits

Convert your favorite animal photographs into unique artworks.

An original artwork is a magical way to honor your faithful companion. It is sure to give you pleasure every time you see it.

Border collie pastel and charcoal
Original A2 – tools for scale
Scanned and printed A4 – tools for scale.

Convert your favorite animal portrait into a beautiful artwork.

For a single animal prices start at

  • A3 – ZAR  1500.00
  • A2 – ZAR  2500.00
  • A1 – ZAR  4500.00

Size indicates paper size.
Base prices are based on graphite drawings in the style displayed here and are subject to change if a change of medium or background is requested.
All prices are for the portrait only.
Costs for framing  and delivery are calculated on an individual basis.

Email your photograph to annette(at) or give me a call 062 497 8802


Riffing off Rothko

You may want to have all your furry family in one image, but group portraits can be difficult to manage. Just send me your favorite individual images and I will montage them into a pleasing composition for the best final result.

Riffing off Rothko



For the best result, your photograph should be high resolution. As my portraits focus on the eyes, care should be given to have your furry friend look directly at the camera. If it is no longer possible to take a photograph with the preceding criteria, I can reconstruct the image as I did with Ludwig in the portrait above. This may incur an added cost, which we can discuss once I have seen your photograph.



Convert your wildlife images into unique wildlife portraits.




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