Building a value chain

In buying one of these artworks you have become a creative partner in the bigger work of discovering that we are all creative.

In everything we do we participate in creating a chain of value. This value chain determines how the future will play out.

The value always starts in the same place – the human brain. When a human brain believes something has value that thing gains value and so it is with art.

Why is some art more valuable than other art? Because the right group of human brains believe it is. Can any group of humans make this distinction? Can any arbitrary group decide on what has value and by taking action build the value chain to suit their needs.

This is what this participation piece aims to discover.

In order to build a value chain we must act.

Once we discover that this is true we can actively decide what to value to allow us build the chains that will support the sustainable harmonious future we profess to value but do nothing to support.

The work of Mark Rothko is some of the most expensive in the world. Why?

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