What if? 2014


In my ongoing attempt to discover just what homo sapiens thinks they are doing on this planet I set off on a road trip  in 2014 that took me once around the USA .
My aim was to discover new ways of thinking about old things.
To do this I invited people from all walks of life to engage with me in mental jamming sessions based on ‘what if’ scenarios of their devising. The results of this journey forms part of a book ‘Searching for Galileo‘.
My conclusion is that on the whole we are utterly clueless of our purpose, this mainly due to our thought process evolving in direct reaction to environments that we build in direct reaction to the behavior that is demanded of us by the economy.
This has resulted in us using our brains so poorly that we are no longer aware of the manipulation of all our actions for the sake of economic expedience.

Free will? In your dreams.



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