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Using a blend of inspiration, education, and participation  Annette gets right down to the source of all our actions, our brain.

Annette is a veteran of hundreds of presentations across the english speaking world. Using all her creative skills; writing, metaphor, photography, and speaking, she puts together visually exciting, intelligent, and insightful talks.  Presenting  a long term, global overview of the world in such a way that you will come away with a new understanding of  why we think and act as we do and what the underlying cause of the most pressing of global problems is.

Cudos to whom ever brought Annette Jahnel to us. Perhaps the best presentation in years. It was good in so many ways: informative, inspirational, thought provoking, entertaining, humorous, lyrical, visually interesting.
–Dennis Burchell;Florida–USA

Annette’s presentations, based on her theory that “All human actions start with a thought”, provoke deep contemplation of our everyday thoughts and actions. It will encourage many people to think carefully before reacting, especially in stressful situations. This bring a new perspective to our behaviour in today’s society.
Jason van Staden, Senior Life Science Teacher–Cape Town

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What comes first, the thought or the thing?

All human actions start with a thought. There is not a field actsaof endeavor that does not hinge  on the quality of an original idea.

It is not our dreams that come true, but our thoughts. Whether we are consciously aware of our thoughts or not, they still come true. This makes for a very compelling reason to become aware of how and what we think.

You  can’t do that!

An after dinner talk that is sure to get your feet itching and your wanderlust into top gear.
A hilarious, rollicking solo road trip around the planet; meet the worst drivers in the world, watch Annette take a diesel shower, or discover how to have a banja with frogs after drinking horse milk beer. Drive through some of the most sparsely populated and most densely populated places on the planet. Learn how to deal with the border guards of Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, and China. Get stuck in sand storms and blizzards. See the world through Annette’s eyes as she illustrates all her adventures with brilliant photographs.

Annette gave a scintillating account of her travels round the world. Her skills as a raconteur,photographer and solo extreme traveller are impressive and her presentation is spellbinding.Originality,passion,veracity and humour are hallmarks of her take on life and her book reflects these characteristics.– M.Robson; London–UK

You are the Quantum Generation.

The Millennials are the generation that have the technology, the access to knowledge, and the growing urgency to make deep and fundamental changes in how we live on Earth. This presentation ties together the Economy, Education, Environment, Evolution, and Energy into a surprising whole that is an aiming device, designed to help define where these changes should take place.

“The Quantum Generation” proved to be highly informative and passionate. What truly stood out for me though was that firstly, it was an innovative amalgamation of scientific research, environmentalism, cognitive science all told within the framework of her extensive travels around the globe. Secondly, it was “paradigm shifting”. The content of Annette’s presentation challenged the widely held paradigm that we as humans have a right to use the earth for our gain.–Don Duffield, Head of Science at Parklands College–Cape Town

I found her speech brilliant with thought provoking information and pictures.Above all I enjoyed the way she presented the speech. A large amount of information in the speech I knew, yet she managed to convey it in such a way that I feel I understood some things more and even learned completely new things. Thank you for a life lesson I’ll never forget!–Seth Vögler, Grade 9 Science Student: Parklands College–Cape Town

Living in a state of love.

A talk for all occasions. When we strip away every unnecessary thing we all arrive at the same place, life is all about living and growing that harmonizing energy that we call love.  Sadly this realization is often made far too late in life. This talk will inspire you to start on the journey from brain to mind , a journey that will take you to that place where you access this harmonious loving energy anytime, anywhere.

Groundswell economy

A radical look at the economy from a futurists point of view. A talk not for the closed of mind and cynical of nature. This talk is designed to inspire the brightest, most optimistic, and proactive to step up with renewed vigor, to apply their minds to the changes that are desperately needed in the ailing global economy and environment.


I would once more like to congratulate you on the excellent presentation, thank you for sharing your inspiring adventure with us. The members’ appreciation of your stimulating talk was shown by the standing ovation given at the end. –Gavin Schachat; Cape Town–SA

Seeing the light.

Annette takes you on a journey through time and space; exploring the evolution of the visionary mind.

We are a creative species. All of us create in some way. Mainly we create environments to suit us. Even as we do so, our thought process evolves in reaction to the environments that we create, in an ever more complex spiral we have, and continue to, create ourselves.

From the 70 000 year old ochre scratching on rocks in Blom Bos Cave, just south of Hermanus, to the magnificent 35 000 year old  Cro-Magnon art in the caves of Lascaux in France. From a suddenly and catastrophic climatic upheaval 12800 years ago, this thought experiment leads you up to the current age, before leaping into a future in which we have created paradise on earth.

Because we evolve in reaction to the environments that we create, we can decide to create environments in which our most noble desires are realized.

Looking for some turbo-charged, yet practical and down to earth inspiration? Seeing the light will dial all your creative switches to full volume.

Rave reviews, Annette, rave. You were/are great. Your “new” boyfriend is ——-. He was leading the cheers last time I looked.– Ron Guilbert ;Virginia-USA


To push the boundaries of her thinking Annette is a solo road tripper, she is the first woman to drive solo once around the world, she has road-tripped solo several times around Southern Africa, the USA, UK and Europe. She does not road-trip to see the sights, but to gain first-hand insight into human behavior, and to tear open her mind to gain a new perspective on the thinking that drives all our decisions.

During her last extreme road trip, which took her once around America, she interviewed physicists, scientists and philosophers to find out how we think, what we think, and why we think what we think.

In her talks Annette gets right down to the foundation of all our actions, our thinking.

She will tell you why we are all running our lives faster and faster, why most of us are getting less and less in return, why the age of ‘jobs’ is over. Why advancement in technology does not currently translate to advancement of humanity.

Hello Annette…thank you so very much for a wonderful program.  You are such an interesting and strong speaker and we all so enjoyed your program. –-Gwynn Henline; California–USA

Only when you know why a problem exists, can solutions be found.

Using all her creative skills; writing, metaphor, photography, and speaking, she puts together visually exciting, intelligent, and insightful talks.  Presenting  a long term, global overview of the world in such a way that you will come away with a new understanding of  why we think and act as we do and what the underlying cause of the most pressing of global problems is.

A big Thank You for a terrific presentation today. The room was buzzing with conversation following your invigorating talk. –Darel Roa; California–USA

Looking for a speaker who stands out from the crowd?

Annette Jahnel left the crowd a decade ago, to climb a mental Mt Everest. From there she describes a view of a future that will inspire, delight, and will leave you determined to ensure that is the future your children will live in, she also shares some ideas that may get us there.

Annette, your presentation today was fabulous!!   I forwarded my recommendation to our District Governor.     Rotary Regards, John Scherer; Maryland–USA

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