In trying to discover why the female form has been a favorite subject of art through the ages, I set out to paint the male form and discovered it is a rather sensuous experience. Those old dogs are still trying to tell us it is all about art...

Faraway places

Paintings inspired by the worlds deserts; far horizons and vast open spaces. From my  road trips through the Karoo and the Namib,  from the Karkum and the Gobi, the Sonora and Kalahari  I am armed with sun bleached skeletons, pieces of rusted oil rigs, discarded coke cans and images in my head of bone white... Continue Reading →


An ongoing series that explores our destruction of the world from our elevated position of almost complete ignorance. We force the extinction of millions of creatures before we have even discovered their existence.

Women on the edge

Initially inspired by the prostitutes plying their trade on Greenpoint Main Road in Cape Town South Africa-- before Greenpoint was gentrified--this series took a darker turn when I moved to Antwerp Belgium.  

The evolution of HUH

The short expulsion of air resulting in huh? Is the homo sapiens most common and possibly most ancient linguistic utterance. The ability to question has driven our evolution. This series is a work in progress.

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