Building a value chain

In buying one of these artworks you have become a creative partner in the bigger work of discovering that we are all creative. In everything we do we participate in creating a chain of value. This value chain determines how the future will play out. The value always starts in the same place - the... Continue Reading →

This is the perfect place for paradise

The future is our creation. Timespace energy, the ultimate medium out of which to create the most sublime reality of which we can conceive. “Our thoughts have always – through the ages – created the future. Every thought we think, every word we use to share that thought, helps build the future, not just our... Continue Reading →

What if? 2014

In my ongoing attempt to discover just what homo sapiens thinks they are doing on this planet I set off on a road trip  in 2014 that took me once around the USA . My aim was to discover new ways of thinking about old things. To do this I invited people from all walks... Continue Reading →

Big Blue– 2004

Deeply ambivalent about the idea of art in the 21st century the question that bothers me is why bother? What is the point of painting a landscape or drawing from life ? How does art add value to the human condition? How can the artistic ego be satisfied with the flippant statement that it is... Continue Reading →

Hands on my life — 2000

In 2000 I started capturing the hand imprint of people who had a telling impact on my life. In 2006 I started on a global journey that would see me travelling for the next 12 years. So many people, so many places; this participation piece proved itself no match for the reality of my life.

One Planet One People –2006

  During the year April 2006-April 2007 I drove solo once around the world. The participation piece ' One Planet One People' was conceived as a project to provide a connecting thread for my travels. Men of all nations above the age of 35, were asked to write a wish for the world on my vehicle.... Continue Reading →

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