In her travels around the world ,  Annette was struck with the common values shared by virtually every culture she encountered. Over time, she refined these values to ‘truth, tolerance, kindness, and self-control. Audiences around the world have responded enthusiastically – partly because it is an inspiring account of the universality of these principles – and partly because she presents it in a way that is uplifting, energizing, witty and entertaining…

“Dear Annette—I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your visit  to Cleveland last week.  You have a way of transmitting your vision of how eventually neuroscience will begin to give us insight into the positive emotions and the joy that results when we see ourselves as part of the natural world.

As we discussed, at this time I am deeply interested in the role of silence and reflection on brain function  and learning, which becomes apparent from your journey around the globe, and our planet’s place in the universe.  The unity of it all, and the recognition of these evolutionary relationships between ourselves and our environment, will continue have a profound impact on our thoughts and behaviors over time.  And, as you know, I hope to live long enough to see that impact on education, beginning with conception itself!

I believe that your visit with Richard Davidson in Madison will be an excellent experience for you both.  He is one of the few examples of a neuroscientist who desires to develop deep understanding of the connections between silence, art,  and the brain, as you are an example of an artist who realizes that profound understanding of the brain will greatly influence the artist of the future.  We need more of you folks in the middle: the artist who understands the brain, and the neuroscientist who understands art.

So, even though it may sometimes be difficult, I want to encourage you to continue your journeys, both of mind and of body.

Thank you again for your visit, your energy, and your courage.”

Very truly,    Jim Zull Professor of Biology, Biochemistry, and Cognitive Science , Case Western Reserve University

Adventure, excitement, enthusiasm, amazement and then downright envy. All these words and phrases describe my reactions to Annette Jahnel’s fascinating presentation about her 2006 solo driving trip around the world. In “My Year of Beds”, Annette’s book about her trip, she enables us to experience some of her extraordinary adventures in which she visited 25 countries, 3 continents and slept in an approximate 164 beds.

Adjusting to myriad languages, cultural complexities, and horrendous road conditions, she forges on with her wild and crazy road trip.

She is a dynamic and delightful presenter who challenges each of us to examine our own goals and dreams.

Donna Genet Miami Dadeland USA

Hello Annette…thank you so very much for a wonderful program.  You are such an interesting and strong speaker and we all so enjoyed your program.  Please keep in touch so we can see how you quest Is going and best wishes.  So enjoyed talking with you and admire what you are doing…Sincerely 
Gwynn Henline, Estrella  CA
Thank You for a terrific presentation today.
The room was buzzing with conversation following your invigorating talk.
Darel Roa– Puyallup, CA
Annette, your presentation today was fabulous!!   I forwarded my recommendation to our District Governor.  The three district Rotary Conference is May 15-17, 2015 in Appleton Wisconsin at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel.
 Rotary Regards,  John Scherer

“Last night was a GREAT presentation and I have been getting phone calls ALL morning about how to book Annette.”

Kelly AllanWarwick – Newport News, USA

“Kudos to whoever brought Annette Jahel to us…best presentation in years!”

Roy Cameron–Northern Neck USA

“She didn’t just talk…she performed. I would highly endorse her as a speaker. ”

Morgan Jameson–Dun Loring USA

“Thank you again for the wonderful presentation! I have already received tons of positive feedback”

David Henion–Newport News USA

“We had great attendance tonight – not only from our stalwarts, but from friends in the community we depend on for our Outreach.”

Myra Goldenbaum–Capetown, SA

“Your talk was dynamic…done with excellent humour, great photos and evocative rhetoric…”

Corinne Hudson–Newlands SA

“…your method of recalling the experiences in each of the countries your traveled through, made one feel as if they traveled with you.”

Robert J Bornstein–Poinciana, USA

“By any standard, your talk was a success. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing of your adventures and cannot wait to read your book. Please consider Homestead Rotary a friend and keep us informed of your travels. You are welcome to return any time.”

Larry Dehl–Homestead, USA

“Dear fellow Rotarians, Annette spoke at our club (Rotary Pretoria West) earlier this year. She has easily been one of our best speakers as she shared her experiences around her travels. I would highly recommend her talking to your club.”

Nicolaas Herholdt—Pretoria West, SA 

“Your presentation was wonderful. I’ve never seen our members so attentive.”

John Bosh –Lauderdale North Beach, USA

“This was on of the best presentations we have ever had. I did not have the chance to chat with you, but I am interested in any books you may have.”

Bill Morris–Apopka, Florida, USA

“Congratulations on the excellent presentation you gave to the and thank you for sharing your inspiring adventure with us.

The members’ appreciation was evident from the standing ovation they gave.”

Gavin Schachat Asst. Governor to DG –Cape Town , SA

“We very much enjoyed Annette’s enthusiastic presentation and will certainly recommend her to other organizations.”

Melissa Abraham–Short Pump,USA 

“As you may recall, we had a visiting President of another club, Elthorne-Hillingdon, who also meet in Uxbridge, with us for your talk. I met her at an area meeting subsequently and she was singing your praises to the representatives of other clubs.”

Richard–Uxbridge, UK

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