Virginia USA

On 5 April 2014 in Virginia USA - Spring had finally arrived to dress the trees in delicate pink and vivid green, and about time too... While on 5 April 2015 here on the southern tip of Africa - Autumn has come, bringing with it it dramatic bouquets of Proteas and rain. The cycle of life... Continue Reading →

Martha Washington

26 March 2014  was a historic day. It was the day I met Martha Washington... Stepping into the Cedar Knoll Inn, overlooking the Potomac River, to set up for the evening’s talk, curiosity caused me to peer into the historic dining room. As my eyes skimmed over the dark wood and antiques, I noticed a twinkly little round... Continue Reading →

Lebanon Tennessee

24 February 2014 12H00 talk today in Lebanon Tennessee.  At Pats Cuntry (sic) diner. The snow has thawed, making the driving conditions more or less tolerable. This has not made a positive impression on THE CAR, which is having greater and greater difficulty getting over the mountains. On every small incline it coughs and splutters, no... Continue Reading →


Just posted a video of my first, post USA tour, talk in South Africa. It touches lightly on what I was up to in the USA, and what I intend, now that I am back in South Africa. I am currently taking bookings for speaking engagements in South Africa.  

Searching for Galileo

"Some 400 years ago, the light of an ancient star touched Earth for the very first time. Changing what was believed to be a perfectly created, forever static universe. Watching from below, Galileo began to think unthinkable thoughts. Could everything society held as absolute truth, be wrong? By asking the right questions, Galileo’s awareness, willingness to... Continue Reading →

Turkey – Istanbul

Haghia Sophia waits. Commissioned by Emperor Justinian in 532, she remained the most important church in Christendom for nearly 1 000 years and thereafter, with the arrival of the Turks, was declared a mosque.

Kazakhstan – Charyn Canyon

But unless I want to set up camp in the dark, I had better make an effort to find the Charyn Canyon. Then the canyon finds me; as the road winds through black rock cuttings that crowd out the light, they dramatically fall away as the mountain turns to canyon. The heat rises out of... Continue Reading →

China- Qufu

I set out to find the real Qufu, which doesn't take long. Just outside the ancient city wall, the beautifully paved roads, well-tended gardens, and up-market restaurants are replaced by squalid streets

USA – Colorado

Hunkering down in a motel in Mexican Hat, I make phone calls to the family in Milwaukee, and to 5W Nancy in Denver while keeping a horrified eye on the weather channel. Two massive snowstorms are sweeping across America from east and west, closing roads and airports in their wake. The American Christmas traffic, both... Continue Reading →

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