My Year of Beds

Have you ever wanted to break free and set off on a grand and wild quest? If you wanted to go, and didn't...come with me now. On my solo drive once around the planet. Spanning city streets, country roads, mountain paths and desert trails - it covered nearly 50,000 miles; across three continents, 25 countries and rested... Continue Reading →

China- Qufu

I set out to find the real Qufu, which doesn't take long. Just outside the ancient city wall, the beautifully paved roads, well-tended gardens, and up-market restaurants are replaced by squalid streets

do no evil

Hear no evil see no evil ….does it follow that you are doing no evil? Google has a very snappy little slogan ‘do no evil’ ; I can just imagine a group of bright young things sipping their espressos at a slick table throwing ideas  around until finally ‘do no evil ‘ hits the shiny... Continue Reading →

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