My Year of Beds

Have you ever wanted to break free and set off on a grand and wild quest? If you wanted to go, and didn't...come with me now. On my solo drive once around the planet. Spanning city streets, country roads, mountain paths and desert trails - it covered nearly 50,000 miles; across three continents, 25 countries and rested... Continue Reading →

France – Cognac

Cognac is on a high hill, from where vineyards and small villages roll into the far distance, ending only when they meet the big sky, decorated today with white puffy clouds. Beautiful chateaux take their color cue from the sky, with white plastered walls and pale blue shutters. I would like to inherit just such... Continue Reading →

A French lunch

‘Coco will be taking you to lunch today’ Serge imparts this bit of information just as I pop the last bit of my midmorning coffee and croissant into my mouth, the French lunch starts at 12 or 12H30 . After three months in a country where I don’t understand the language I have become fairly... Continue Reading →

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