Living in the NOW

There are no humans more powerful than those that govern their own minds. As we each learn to master our mind, we will discover that all who govern their own minds have the common goal of global harmony. Thinking about living in the NOW First broadcast on Whale Coast Radio 96 fm 16 May 2016 Living in... Continue Reading →

Living Fearlessly

You must live dangerously; Nietzsche You must live fearlessly; A Jahnel By stepping through our fear, we learn to love that which we are without fear. Fear is our biggest enemy. The absence of fear opens the doors to our happiness, our lives, our freedom, ourselves. To step out of the control of fear, you... Continue Reading →

A slow walk through Venice

Over a lazy Sunday lunch in the heart of France, Angelo turned to me. 'Come stay in my apartment in Venice.' I raised a skeptical eyebrow. 'I won’t be there,'  he laughed, ‘You will have the place to yourself.' And so on Monday evening I found myself in the heart of Venice, and for 10... Continue Reading →

What is your worth?

We as individuals are worth nothing and everything. In life the only thing you can be sure of is that, if you will wake up to tomorrow, you will be there. You can be sure of nothing else. But the only measure of your worth that others have, is your word. In this age of... Continue Reading →

Durban Night

tonight out on the scene in Durban a city that is cultivated integrated where Africans Europeans Indian and Asian mix together its great we all eat from the same plates the African dream but we don't like our cuisine so we eat Italian linguine fromaggio cream pesto pasta and drink vino blanco not white while... Continue Reading →

Sensual Sunday

The world is beset by problems, we recognise them easily, and dwell perhaps too long there. Those that know about these things, say it is our survival instinct that hard-wires the human brain to bad news. So we keep building our prisons around us, as we think they make us safe. Perhaps, but our happiness... Continue Reading →

Sleeping beauty

rumours fly from the peaks of mount Bidean nam Bian from the high moors and the shores of lochs Tummel and Tay the human spirit but sleeps a deep silent slumber in a bed of lichen and lore his life not stolen by the raven to return nevermore He needs just a small kiss from... Continue Reading →

Which comes first love or trust?

Trust, love can only grow in an environment of trust. If there is even the smallest doubt in any relationship, love will never grow to its fullest potential. This makes me think that until we trust and love ourselves completely we will not have the means to love and trust another completely. We are therefore... Continue Reading →

The unbearable lightness of being

I enjoyed the film but never quite understood why the lightness of being was unbearable. I thought the male character was unbearably lightweight but I am not sure that this what the author meant by the title. Then, with an early morning storm that roared across the rooftops like a runaway train, I awoke to... Continue Reading →

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