Christopher Newport University,

The week of 11-18 April was busy, both in 2014 and 2015 April 11th 2014, my 52nd birthday saw me up and about at 05h00 to be on-time and ready to give a 07h30 breakfast talk at the Christopher Newport University. This would the 62nd   time I had  given the same talk. Giving the talk... Continue Reading →


6 March 2014 Once again, our travels take us deep into the foothills of southern Virginia. I really wanted to be much further north by now, but the weather keeps pushing me south. The scenery bespeaks my mood. The speaking venue this morning is in Martinsville, in the Virginia Museum for Natural History. The town... Continue Reading →

Beginnings, middles and ends

‘A story must have a beginning, a middle and an end.’ Whoever wrote that had NO idea! Or maybe he did have an idea...about telling stories, but not much about life, which is where most stories come from. We make up the beginnings and decide on the middle and end in retrospect. Each point defined... Continue Reading →

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