What if we could communicate without language?

Listen to the podcast here. I have attempted to find scholarly articles on the Minoan copper miners, and various other things referred to in this conversation. However, finding anything of true substance on the internet is becoming like an archaeological dig in its own right. As Minoans and copper are not part of my focus,... Continue Reading →

Boiling Spring

It was April 24th  2014 just outside Charlotte, in North Carolina, while taking a walk by a river - a never before heard voice in my head declared “You could be running.” “Are you kidding me? I don’t run, it’s not dignified!” my rational self replied. “You haven’t done any exercise for a long time, and... Continue Reading →

What if we all put – Service above Self?

After spending a delightful afternoon walking in the countryside around Charleston, spending time photographing this handsome fellow. I went to dinner where I participated in another What if Scenario. Thinking outside of what is, is not easy. It sometime requires a sharp prod, or two, to loosen the grey matter. In an amiable dinner table... Continue Reading →

Virginia USA

On 5 April 2014 in Virginia USA - Spring had finally arrived to dress the trees in delicate pink and vivid green, and about time too... While on 5 April 2015 here on the southern tip of Africa - Autumn has come, bringing with it it dramatic bouquets of Proteas and rain. The cycle of life... Continue Reading →

Martha Washington

26 March 2014  was a historic day. It was the day I met Martha Washington... Stepping into the Cedar Knoll Inn, overlooking the Potomac River, to set up for the evening’s talk, curiosity caused me to peer into the historic dining room. As my eyes skimmed over the dark wood and antiques, I noticed a twinkly little round... Continue Reading →


6 March 2014 Once again, our travels take us deep into the foothills of southern Virginia. I really wanted to be much further north by now, but the weather keeps pushing me south. The scenery bespeaks my mood. The speaking venue this morning is in Martinsville, in the Virginia Museum for Natural History. The town... Continue Reading →


25 February 2014 Roanoke will be forever etched in my memory, for all the wrong reasons. A persistent itch wakes me; it is not a mosquito, perhaps a flea? Checking the bedding brings no answer. I turn off the light, again the sting and itch. Something is biting me, right now, this instant! Resisting the urge... Continue Reading →

Reality check

Thoughts of the morning of February 15 2014. In the realm of thought, it really is a case of the tree doesn't fall until you witness it fall. In order for a thought  to be real to you, you have to think it. Nobody else can think it for you. Once you have thought a... Continue Reading →


Just posted a video of my first, post USA tour, talk in South Africa. It touches lightly on what I was up to in the USA, and what I intend, now that I am back in South Africa. I am currently taking bookings for speaking engagements in South Africa.  

Beginnings, middles and ends

‘A story must have a beginning, a middle and an end.’ Whoever wrote that had NO idea! Or maybe he did have an idea...about telling stories, but not much about life, which is where most stories come from. We make up the beginnings and decide on the middle and end in retrospect. Each point defined... Continue Reading →

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