On this day 23 May 2014... I was making my way to give a talk  in Washington D.C. I stop to photograph a billboard in front of the building that is my destination. It reads, Make no little plans. This immediately strikes me as a good idea, but only after my talk, as I stroll... Continue Reading →

What if we really valued all our children?

Somewhere on the shores of Lake Norman(I forget where exactly) in North Carolina I once again am graciously hosted by a total stranger, as we get to grips with her sightly disturbing 'What If' scenario.  Was my mental jamming partner, a lifelong teacher,  suggesting we didn't really value our children, judging by the way we educated them?... Continue Reading →

What if we un-boxed education?

In a forested suburb -  just out of earshot of the thunder of jet engines above Virginia Beach - I tackle a What if scenario with Dr Michael and Kim Summer, two teachers who are passionate about their vocation. Listen to the podcast here. We try to imagine a world in which schools no longer box... Continue Reading →

In early May 2014 I was in a breakfast joint, high in the Blue Ridge Mountains, sipping a strong coffee, while trying to get my head around today's - What if scenario. I discover that the 'authentic self' is a concept not so far removed from my own premise that we should all act with... Continue Reading →


On this day in 2014 I gave a talk in a small town called Powhatan. That is all I know... On this day in 2015 I am researching the evolution of the creative mind, and in doing so stumbled on the official Lascaux website. My Easter gift to you is an incredible interactive experience, which is... Continue Reading →

McCormick’s farm

28 February 2014 After giving a lunchtime talk in Harrisonburg, I head south to Tazewell. As I have time off until tomorrow lunchtime the first, and most pressing action, is to get off the  I81.  An Interstate highway that roars a stinking, noisy river of trucks north and south, through the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.... Continue Reading →

Lebanon Tennessee

24 February 2014 12H00 talk today in Lebanon Tennessee.  At Pats Cuntry (sic) diner. The snow has thawed, making the driving conditions more or less tolerable. This has not made a positive impression on THE CAR, which is having greater and greater difficulty getting over the mountains. On every small incline it coughs and splutters, no... Continue Reading →

The pre-adventure side-step shuffle.

It is a bit of a 'one step forward three steps back ' as I frantically try to prepare for the big haul North. Between giving talks on an almost daily basis. Arranging speaking engagements months in advance, across thousands of miles(I was in touch with the good folk of Anchorage Alaska today). I am chewing... Continue Reading →

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