On this 14th day of June 2014 I was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I ate well, plentiful, and often. The following thoughts, plucked from my Dictaphone... Travelling in Pittsburgh my mind turns to how we use words, and how this directs our actions. In doing this I find myself in the very bizarre situation of... Continue Reading →

Christopher Newport University,

The week of 11-18 April was busy, both in 2014 and 2015 April 11th 2014, my 52nd birthday saw me up and about at 05h00 to be on-time and ready to give a 07h30 breakfast talk at the Christopher Newport University. This would the 62nd   time I had  given the same talk. Giving the talk... Continue Reading →

What if we loved like extremists?

“My stomach dropped”....said the mother on the news, as she remembered the moment that she  heard of the knife stabbings at her child’s school. Only the most fortunate among us have not felt that hollow ‘stomach drop’ that accompanies shocking news. I was about to experience it again. It was a bright day in the... Continue Reading →

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