Living in the NOW

There are no humans more powerful than those that govern their own minds. As we each learn to master our mind, we will discover that all who govern their own minds have the common goal of global harmony. Thinking about living in the NOW First broadcast on Whale Coast Radio 96 fm 16 May 2016 Living in... Continue Reading →

To Think

To think is not an easy pastime or a pastime without risk and danger. To think is  to try to find unique  thoughts that are informed by each persons own experiences and areas of knowledge. To think is to try to set aside emotional bias or beliefs that are founded in childhood memories. To think... Continue Reading →

Thinking matters

I think thinking is a highly underrated activity and the problem lies in the way we think. Currently the thing seems to be not to think. Endless lifestyle books on being in the ‘now’, in the ‘zone’ and Buddhist meditation books, all exhort you not to think but to be. To reside in the gap... Continue Reading →

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